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Our year 3 course is a programme which runs at our local S4E 11+ Tuition centre in Stechford. This includes a weekly 2-hour tuition session, weekly homework and ongoing support and advice.

Our weekly group sessions provide children with a well-rounded education which supports their learning at school and beyond year 3. The children work on curriculum objectives which are currently relevant to Year 3 pupils, and will include Maths, Reading Comprehension, descriptive writing and some Spelling, Punctuation and  Grammar (SPaG)  topics. 

We understand that every child is different so our experienced teachers apply tried and tested teaching methods to lend personalised, individual support exactly where it’s needed, so that the children can be engaged and get targeted support when necessary.

How the Year 3 Session Works: Each week, the session will include a curriculum  Maths topic. English and Writing objectives are rotated on a weekly basis. This ensures that each topic and objective gets the necessary coverage over the year.  All children work on the same objectives after discussion and a teacher model of the topic, based on their individual ability level. Many children achieve the objectives given, and so we provide challenge questions which further extend their knowledge of the objective into Year 4.  After each session, parents are provided with feedback about their child’s understanding and progress of the objectives taught in the lesson. Behaviour is also closely monitored and feedback about each child’s concentration and focus is also provided. At our centre, we believe that teacher-led modelling and discussion provide the most effective form of learning. This style of teaching is used in all schools because it has been proven to be the best strategy for children’s learning, especially at such a young age. Therefore, no computer-based work is given. 

Days/Times: Sundays 10:00am-12:00pm

Cost: £92 per calendar month

Location: Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9AN


  • Discounted Inflata Nation passes; please see S4E Staff about these.
  • Two hour teaching session per week for forty-nine weeks.
  • A qualified, highly experience primary/11+ teacher or higher-level primary TA.
  • Tutor:pupil ratio of 1:6.
  • Weekly homework based on the topics taught.
  • Regular mini-assessments.
  • Prizes/rewards for homework and behaviour.
  • A break in the middle of each session.
  • Ongoing support and advice throughout the year.
  • Alternative session arrangements for absence.

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