Frequently Asked Questions
What is your pass rate?

For the children who wrote the 11+ exam in September 2020, we are pleased that 70% of our children passed. They have all been offered a place in a grammar school. We send a massive congratulations to all the children who have written the 11+ exam.

Many factors are involved in the success at passing the 11 Plus, such as:

  • Ability of the child when they begin tuition.
  • Reading habits.
  • Birth month.
  • Exam day nerves.
Do you cover all eleven plus topics?
Yes – no stone is left unturned, but of course, no one knows if the examiners will include something completely different. However, we do our best to prepare the children for this eventuality.
What resources do you use?
We produce our own original resources, as well as sourcing carefully-selected material from teacher subscriber websites. Even though well-known publishers companies such as Bond and CGP have their place, we believe that parents can use these resources for home-based preparation. For non-verbal reasoning, we use a range of resources so that children can become familiar with different question types and designs.
Do you offer prizes and awards?
Yes, we do. Points are awarded for completed homework which can be earned in exchange for prizes. Points are also earned for concentration and focus as well as improvements in assessments. The points for prizes has proved to be a great motivation for children to do their best.
Do all teachers have a DBS?
Yes, of course. Each teacher holds an enhanced DBS certificate. We are also included on the DBS update service which means our certificate is kept up to date automatically. Without using the update service, a DBS certificate is only really valid on the date it was issued.
Do you follow the current national curriculum?
Yes, we do. There are topics in the eleven plus which are not taught in state schools, such as non-verbal reasoning, but learning these skills will complement what is being taught in school. Writing is not assessed in a CEM grammar test so this topic is not covered unless preparing children for the independent examinations.
What is your experience?
Combined, we have over 60 years of primary classroom based experience. We have over 25 years combined experience of preparing children for the grammar test. Therefore, we are highly skilled in teaching approved methods which will help your child pass the eleven plus and enhance their learning at school.
What if my child is absent from their lesson?

If your child is absent, the work will be emailed to the email address you have supplied us with, for you to print at home for your child to complete. Depending on Covid-19 restrictions, we may be able to offer catch up sessions in school holidays. 

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